Coin Reactive inks for printing

Coin activated inks are transparent inks which turn grey after rubbing them with a coin or other object containing copper.

Coin activated ink should be printed thickly enough so that the design or a text after activation is visible and readable enough. The thicker the ink layer, the better the effect.

The ink before activation is completely transparent, which is why it is difficult to control it on a printing machine. On a Customer’s demand, we add a pigment visible under UV light to the ink.

After turning on special UV lamps, the ink gets visible on the machine, therefore it becomes easy to control. In order to provide transparency of the print and to avoid reaction of the ink with chemicals from the machine, the machine should be thoroughly cleaned efore printing.

Coin reactive inks are used e.g. for printing lottery tickets, lunch vouchers, gift coupons as well as securities, to ensure their authenticity.

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