Blacklight paints for industries

Blacklight paints are transparent paints glowing with light blue or snow-like white glow under the UV light (in the light of so-called ‘blacklight’ lamps).

Elements covered with the paint, transparent in the daylight, after turning off the light and turning on the UV lamp, reveal a hidden world of snow-like white and pure light blue tones.

This way, it is possible to hide content visible only after turning on the UV lamps. Blacklight paints in ordinary light are completely transparent or milky white. They reveal their true glow only after turning on the UV lamp.

They are often used in night clubs and discos in order to highlight the decoration, staging, slogan, product or a logo. The luminescent effect under the UV light gives the impression of extraordinary whiteness to the painted surfaces.

This way, elements of installation coated with blacklight paints are visible and stand out from other objects coated with ordinary paints, which, after turning off the light and turning on the UV, are grey and invisible.

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