Fluorescent white paints for construction

Are you looking for a product that will help you create a unique decoration? White fluorescent paint available in our offer is the solution to your problem. Thanks to it, you can get snow-white or pure light blue surfaces of buildings, exhibitions and installations. This is a product for people who want to make event scenery or advertising banners more attractive. Fluorescent white paint is an excellent choice!

Why is our fluorescent white paint worth buying?

A fluorescent white paint is appreciated for how it looks both during the day and at night. The sunrays bring out a bright, snowy white surface, which definitely catches eyes. However, the real magic takes place at night. Then you can see how the fluorescent white paint starts to glow under the influence of UV light. It is a process which occurs in realtime, which means that when the exciting factor is off, the product immediately goes out. Thanks to it, you get to decide when the paint would be visible at night or not. It allows to carefully plan the effect you would like to achieve.

Such an unusual method of operation makes our fluroescent white paint fit for many diferent purposes. You can use it on advertising banners, for creating inscriptions at discos or for painting beautiful decorations. You can see a spectacular effect when our fluorescent white paint is applied on surfaces which are either originally white or painted on with a regular white paint. After turning off the light and turning on UV lamp, the regular white fades and appears dusty grey, while the parts painted on with the fluorescent white paint glow with bright whiteness in the dark.

An interesting application of the fluorescent white paint is also its use for information-warning purposes. With its help, many companies mark dangerous places or machinery parts as well as evacuation routes. How you will use our fluorescent white paint, however, depends on you and your needs. 

Fluroescent white paint suited to your needs

At SPLinx, a fluorescent white paint comes in many variations. Thanks to this, you can create unique decorations on various surfaces. We offer a fluorescent white paint for metal, plastic, or concrete. You can buy here: 

  • phthalo-carbamide fluorescent paints – for exterior use,
  • polyurethane fluorescent paints – characterised by an excellent adhesion to substrate and resistance to changing weather conditions,
  • acrylic fluorescent paints – can be used on virtually every surface.

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