Fluorescent powder paints

Beautiful, neon shades, or glow-in-the-dark colours? Fluorescent powder paint will make you stop choosing. Thanks to it, you will see beautiful, bright designs, which at night, under the influence of UV light, start emitting glow. Do not hesitate any longer and choose a fluorescent powder paint!

Fluorescent powder paint – why is it worth choosing?

Fluorescent powder paint is used in painting details which are supposed to be clearly visible. Therefore, it helps mark dangerous items or objects (e.g. poles or sharp elements of machinery).

Fluorescent powder paint, however, does not only serve information-warning purpose, but can also be used as decoration. Neon colours, visible during the day, make many people decide to try our offer.

However, this is not everything fluorescent powder paints have to offer.All it takes is to light up the UV lamp to see their another dimension. Under ultraviolet radiation, the colorants reflect the rays and emit glow, enhancing unique colours.

You can paint virtually every surface with our fluorescent powder paint. It will work perfectly on concrete, metal, or wood. To powder paint a selected area, you should spray the paint by using a specialised equipment. This is how the even application of a coating is possible.

At SPLinx, we help choose the right paint

At SPLinx, we have a comprehensive offer of inks, paints and varnishes in various technologies. We both distribute and produce them.

Thanks to it, our products are not only innovative and functional, but we can also create them for individual order.

Are you wondering which fluorescent paint to choose? Contact us! We will help you match our product to your needs and expectations. Choose SPLinx and you will buy a fluorescent powder paint well suited to your selected surface.