External fluorescent paints for construction

External fluorescent paint guarantees neon, vivid colours during the day, and atarts glowing in the night under UV light. It is a product which will help you decorate your building or important details around it. We encourage you to get to know our offer and choose an external fluorescent paint.

External fluorescent paint – types and application

External fluorescent paint amazes with its unique appearance both during the day and at night. The sunrays enhance beautiful, expressive colours, which resemble neons to many people.

However, after dark, all it takes is to turn on UV lamp to see a brightly glowing paint, which contrasts with dark surroundings.

By using an external fluorescent paint, you can create unique images. They will encourage customers to get to know your offer or visit your place. Our external fluorescent paints are used for unique advertising and artistic murals, which decorate numerous buildings. Therefore, our paints allow for an artistic expression as well.

Moreover, they are also used in construction, to mark buildings or places which require a special attention. Exterior fluorescent paint can therefore fulfill an information and warning function. The ways to using it are up to your needs and creativity.

Production and distribution of external fluorescent paints

Within our offer, you will find external fluorescent paints coming in many variants. Some of them can be applied by using paintbrush or roller, and others require professional equipment. You can buy here external paints in the following versions, among others:

  • acrylic – thanks to high pigment content, it allows for creation of expressive and extremely visible images;
  • phthalic-carbamide – incredibly universal, you can paint with it e.g. metal, concrete, wood, or metal;
  • polyurethane – characterised by good elasticity, adhesion to substrate, hardness, and resistance to changing weather conditions;
  • sprayable – does not cause stains nor smudges on walls. It is easy to use and does not require additional accessories

At SPLinx, we not only distribute, but also produce fluorescent paints. fluorescent paints. We can create a custom-made product to meet Customer’s specific requirements. 

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