Irreversible hydrochromic paints for construction

Irreversible hydrochromic paints are paints which can be permanently removed (washed off) with water or be tinted, dyed and coloured after contact with water.

Washable paints treated with water may be practically completely, irreversibly removed from the print. After removing (washing off) the paint, an information hidden underneath is revealed.

Tinting paints somewhat ‘tint’ the coated surfaces, and the colour, when watered down, spills in the closest area. The starting colour of tinting paints is black which tints red, yellow, or blue, when the water is added.

Farby i lakiery specjalne dla architektów i designerów

Tinting paints can be used for kind of colouring images for children. Small user, by using water or an object moistened with water, colours areas dotted with black or colour, and thus, paints the picture this way.

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