Reversible Hydrochromic paints for construction

Reversible Hydrochromic paints react to water or moisture. A white paint becomes transparent after contact with water, revealing a colourful design applied underneath.

When the paint becomes dry again, it returns to its original white colour. This type of hydrochromic paints react to water in a reversible way.

They can be used by architects who shape city spaces. When the road surface or a pavement are dry, they seem bland, colourless, dull and monotonous, and after a rainfall, these elements can change to vibrant images with vivid colours and colourful ornaments.

Farby i lakiery specjalne dla architektów i designerów

This way, it is possible to shape also spaces where the water is a source of entertainment or rest, such as swimming pools, saunas, foumtains etc.

When the water reaches the surfaces coated with hydrochromic paints, it will transform them, giving them a completely different character, changing their colour, shade, turning the coated object into something completely different or adding to it surprising and message-changing complementations.

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