Invisible fluorescent paints for construction

Invisible fluorescent paint allows to obtain an extremely interesting effect. The pigment is invisible in daylight. All it takes is to turn on a UV (blacklight) lamp to see its extraordinary beauty. Choose our invisible fluorescent paint and see how little it takes to create an eye-catching decoration!

Colourless fluorescent paint at SPLinx

Colourless fluorescent paint is supposed to be invisible during the day, and to attract attention at night. This is why is starts glowing brightly under UV light. How is it possible?

Colourless fluorescent paint uses the phenomenon of fluorescence which occurs in realtime. Under the exciting factor (e.g. UV lamp) it immediately starts glowing, enhancing the colour, and when it is turned off, the paint automatically wanes.

Thanks to its unique properties, the invisible fluorescent ink can be used for identification of dangerous objects or places.

With its help, one can mark evacuation routes or make sharp elements visible even when there is no natural light. It is also often used for creating advertising and artistic murals.

Transparent fluorescent paint comes in many variants. The most popular versions are acrylic, phthalic-carbamide, polyurethane, spray, and powder. Depending on a chosen variant, our invisible fluorescent paint can be applied with brush or a spray paint gun.

Not only invisible fluorescent paint

At SPLinx, we constantly respond to our Customers’ needs by producing and distributing new invisible fluorescent paints. We also create innovational and highly functional custom-made products for individual orders.

Thanks to that, you will find here everything you need to make your interiors unique. 

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