Pantone® Gold and Silver inks for printing

The Pantone Scale is a common standard in the printing industry. Using the special Pantone® Plus Metallics and Pantone® Plus Premium Metallics color swatches, where we find hundreds of metallic colors, we can recreate any color from the swatches in virtually all printing technologies.

złoty i srebrne farby metaliczne

What are Pantone® gold and silver inks?

Metallic inks in silver and gold colors, as well as their multicolored shades, are based on special primary gold and silver inks with the addition of various types of colored inks depending on the shade we want to achieve.

Silver and Gold Pantone® Inks at SPLinx

Single-component metallic inks based on copper and zinc pigments imitating gold and silver colors. These inks are characterized by a high gloss and an exclusive, unique appearance of the printed surface.

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Gold and Silver Pantone®

Gold colors are available in traditional shades (ReichGold, RichPaleGold, and PaleGold) and in the Pantone® system (871–876), while silver appears as the Pantone® Silver 877 shade. Their multicolored tones are achieved by adding colored dyes.

The best gloss and rich embellishment effects can be obtained on shiny substrates with a smooth surface or after applying a base primer beforehand.

Where can Gold and Silver Pantone® Inks be used?

Gold and Silver Pantone® Inks are utilized across all printing technologies, but when it comes to shades from the Pantone® swatch book, their application is predominantly in offset and UV offset printing.

Depending on the client’s requirements, they are chosen based on intensity, wear resistance, adhesion, and other parameters. We can also improve the adhesion of varnishes to the ink layer.

Metallic inks mimicking gold, silver, and their colorful shades stand out as a unique and singular phenomenon in the color spectrum, especially since there’s no competition for them in the market.

Pantone® Inks maintain their standardized, unwavering colors. This consistency ensures their usefulness when an exact reproduction of a specific shade is necessary, irrespective of the equipment used or the printing surface.

złoty Pantone

Gold and Silver Pantone® for Coated Paper and Beyond

Each gold and silver ink from the Pantone® swatch books has its unique code (number) to facilitate the identification of a specific color. However, the same code can be represented with two different symbols. This signifies how the ink will appear on the chosen substrate.

Symbol C stands for coated paper (ang. coated), U represents uncoated paper (ang. uncoated), and M means matte. For the correct selection of colors, it’s essential to know which substrate will be printed on.

High Quality Gold and Silver Pantone® Inks in SPLinx

The high quality of SPLinx’s metallic inks translates to the satisfaction of our clients. We consistently conduct research, which allows us to regularly introduce innovations, staying ahead of our clients’ expectations. As a result, our company boasts a broad customer base. 

In the scope of our operations, we also specialize in special paints for construction, such as antibacterial paints or thermochromic varnishes.


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