Pantone® gold and silver for printing

Pantone scale is a commonly used standard in printing industry. By using special Pantone® Plus Metallics and Pantone® Plus Premium Metallics colour guides, where hundreds of metallic colours can be found, we can create every colour from these guides in practically all the printing technologies.

złoty i srebrne farby metaliczne

What are Pantone® gold and silver inks?

Metallic gold and silver inks and their multi-coloured shades are inks based on special base gold and silver inks with the addition of various types of colour inks used depending on which shade we want to obtain.

Pantone® silver and gold inks at SPLinx

One-component metallic inks based on copper and zinc pigments imitating gold and silver colours. These inks are characterised by high shine and exclusive, unique appearanceof a printed surface.

srebrny pantone

Pantone® gold and silver

Colours of gold are available in traditional shades (RichGold, RichPaleGold and PaleGold) and in Pantone® system shades (871-876) and silver colour is as a Pantone® Silver 877 shade. Their multi-coloured shades are obtained by mixing in colourants. 

Their best shine and a rich decorative effect can be obtained on glossy substrates which have a smooth surface, or after prior application of a base primer.

złoty Pantone

Where can Pantone® gold and silver inks be used?

Pantone® gold and silver inks are used in all the printing technologies, however, when it comes to Pantone® shades, the dominant application is offset and UV offset printing.

Depending on a Customer’s needs, these inks are matched in terms of intensity, abrasion resistance, adhesion and other parameters. We can also improve adhesion of varnishes to the ink layer. 

Metallic inks imitating gold, silver and their colourful shades are a unique and special phenomenon in a colour space, especially since there is no competition for them on the market.

Pantone® inks have their standarised, unchanging colours, which translates to their utility in a moment where an exact replication of a given shade is necessary, regardless of the equipment used or a printed surface.

Pantone® gold and silver inks for coated paper and more

Each gold and silver ink from the Pantone® guide has its individual code (number) which makes it easy to find a specific colour. However, he same code may be described with different symbols. It means how each ink will appear on a selected substrate.

A C symbol means ‘coated’ paper while U means ‘uncoated’ paper and ‘M’ means ‘matte’. For the right colour choice, it is important to know which type of substrate will be printed.

High quality of Pantone® gold and silver inks at SPLinx

The high quality of metallic inks by SPLinx translates to the satisfaction of our Customers. We constantly perform tests which enable us to introduce innovations on a regular basis. We exceed expectations of our Customers and this is why our company prides itself on a wide group of recipients. 

Within our operation we also specialise in special inks for construction, i.e. antibacterial paints or thermochromic varnishes.