Electrically conductive inks for printing

Electrically conductive inks are inks which are able to conduct electricity. With their help, it is possible to print objects, conducting electric energy. They are created using graphite or graphene pigments, as well as pigments based on or doped with silver.

Conductive inks can be more economic way to creating modern circuits or conductive plates.

In comparison to the traditional industrial standards, a high technological commitment is not required, because printing is a relatively simple and inexpensive process.

This is why they are used where the elasticity and a relatively lor price of a conductive material are important.

Electrically conductive inks can be used in many applications, e.g. printing of RFID markers, tickets, measuring equipment, they can be used for repairing curcuits on printed plates, for defrosting front windows or printing radio aerials on back windows in automotive industry; they can also be used in marketing, advertising and games, where the low conductive effect is obtained by closing the circuit with a finger on a printout.

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