Gold and silver paints for metal

A metallic paint for metal is an excellent solution if you want to create an effect of pure metal on railings, pipes, radiatiors, industrial devices, or other details in your room. Elements painted with it are great, for example, in loft interiors, emphasising their post-industrial style. However, it is not their only application. They will also be perfect in baroque or classical interior design. We encourage you to get to know our offer if you want to plan your space in an original way.

Metallic paint with unique shine for metal

Gold and silver paints for metal that we offer are based on metallic pigments which stand out with their spectacular shine and exceptional brilliance. It allows to achieve a special visual effect in any room. This is exactly why metallic paint for metal can be used in various decorating techniques. It creates a lasting, metallised coating which successfully imitates sheet metal. What is also important is that it comes in many different colours, therefore allows to not only renew metallic items but also to give them a completely new appearance. 

How to apply gold and silver paints for metal? It is easier than you think! All it takes is to apply a coat of paint on a cleaned, smooth surface. Do it evenly to avoid streaks and lumps. Next, wait until the metallic paint for metal is dry. This is enough to enjoy original accessories in your space.

Reliable offer

Our offer includes not only construction paints but also industrial paints and printing inks. Therefore, at SPLinx you will find many interesting products which will change your interior. Within our range, available are also e.g. fluorescent paints for walls or fluorescent paints for metal. Moreover, we not only sell them but also custom-make them for our Customers’ individual orders. As the experienced paint manufacturer, we can assure you of the highest quality of our products. They have been used in many representative venues in Poland and Europe.  

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