Glossy and matte OPV for printing

Refining and protective OPV (Overprint Varnishes) are glossy, matte or satin varnishes available in all the printing technologies.

These varnishes are supposed to be applied at the finishing stage of the production, selectively or on a whole surface of a sheet.

They have decorative, refining functions, they can distinguish the work or its selected parts, as well as protect the printout from scratches, rubbing or other damage.

OPVs are available in practically all kind and technologies of printing: from oil-based, UV and LED offset, through water-based, UV and LED flexo, to the water-based, UV and LED screen printing.

Depending on our Customer’s needs, we offer high-gloss and lo-wgloss varnishes, high-matte and low-matte varnishes and satin ones.

We also provide varnishes fulfilling high requirements regarding the environment, benzophenone-free ones as well as low-odour and low-migration varnishes and the ones for food contact.

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