FLUOpaint – fluorescent and neon paints

Fluorescent paints emit exceptionally bright and pure colours, similar to the advertising neon. In city space, they make up images of incredibly expressive, eye-catching colours which attract attention.

We can view them in two different sceneries: in the daylight, when they show a bright, neon colour, and in the dark lit up by UV lamps, when they glow brightly in contrast with dark surroundings. They can make up decorations of clubs, discos, theater and concert stages, in the form of inscriptions or paintings, giving an interesting or exotic vibe to the exhibited place.

They are mainly used in places which are supposed to attract attention, attract the spectator with their brightness, expressiveness and purity of colour. Used in children’s rooms, they create a blaze of bright, flashy colours, which are so much liked by the little ones. They are also used for warning and information purpose, insistently focusing the attention of the observe

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