FLUOcoat - fluorescent and neon coatings

Often used for increasing safety or in information purposes, a fluorescent paint is an effective solution which can be used for excellent interior decoration. Bright, neon shades, visible in daylight, start glowing brightly under the UV light. Their use is almost limitless. This is why at SPLinx you will find a comprehensive, complete range of fluorescent paints, thanks to which you will create unique, eye-catching arrangements. Fluorescent paints, available in our offer, appear in two different versions. In the nighttime, they start glowing under UV light. How is it possible?

Fluorescent paint uses the natural phenomenon of fluorescence which occurs in realtime. Practically, it means that as soon as the UV light is on, the paint starts glowing, and when UV switches off, the process immediately ends. However, what distinguishes the fluorescent paints, can be seen only in the daytime. Bright, neon colors, resembling an advertising neon, appear thanks to the ultraviolet contained in the sunlight. Thanks to this, nobody will pass by them indifferently.

The use of fluorescent paints is enormous. They are used in industries, construction and printing. With their help, one can create not only beautiful paintings with incredibly vivid colours, but also decorative inscriptions in discos, nightclubs, theatre, and concert stages. They will also work perfectly in a homespace. Fluorescent paints can also serve a warning and information purpose, when they are used e.g. on warning or information signs and wherever the attention of a spectator is supposed to be attracted.

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Fluorescent and neon paints for industry

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