The use of paints glowing under UV as well as glow-in-the-dark, metallic and fluo ones in construction

In the day of increasingly intense search of new means and tools of communication, architects, interior creators, designers, and other specialists who model and shape space, reach for special paints and varnishes more and more often. They help create new visual effects, unique aesthetic, multidimensionality of space, forms filled with quasi-magical substance or splendor, move the user into the unknown world straight out of a science-fiction or a land from children’s dreams.

Gold and silver metallic paints

Paints imitating gold and silver can be used for creating unique patterns, ornaments and decorations, interiors and arrangements full of splendor, decorating furniture, mirrors, paintings and other home items. Metallic paints perfectly fit the atmosphere of loft interiors, helping create a postindustrial style, characteristic to this type of spaces. By using gold and silver paints, as well as their coloured versions, a creator can bring out the effect of a pure metal on staircase railings, pipes, radiators, industrial equipment, elements of installations or exhibitions. Metallic paints also go very well with natural materials such as stone and wood.

Fluorescent paints

Fluorescent paints emit incredibly bright and pure colours similar to the advertising neon. In the city space, they create images of uniquely bright, eye-catching colours, which grab the attention of the spectators. We can see them in two different versions: in the daylight, when they show their bright, neon colours, and in the darkness illuminated by UV lamps, where they glow brightly in contrast to the dark surroundings. They can create decorations clubs, discos, theatre and concert stages as inscriptions or paintings, giving an interesting or exotic vibe to the exposed space. They are mainly used in places which are supposed to attract the attention of the spectator and to intrigue them with their brightness, expression and incredible purity of colour. Used in children’s rooms, they create a blaze of bright and flashy colours, which are liked so much by the youngest ones. They also serve information and warning purposes, insistently focusing the spectator’s attention.

Paints glowing under UV

These paints are almost completely transparent or milky white in the regular light, only after illuminating them with UV lamps they show a wide colour palette. Paints glowing under UV are used for creating decorations and scenographies of events, at clubs and discos, escape rooms, in modern art, etc. After the light go out and UV lamps are on, the spectator can see an alternative world of colours and images which were not there at all. A designer can use them for creating interesting and surprising murals. Thanks to the advertising banners, illuminated by UV light, incredible effects, visible only after UV lamps are on, can be created.

Phosphorescent paints

Phosphorescent (so-called ‘glow-in-the-dark’) paints are paints which glow in the dark with their own light after prior exposure („charging”) to day, artificial or UV light. The paints remain almost completely transparent during the day, and in the night conditions or during the blackout they begin glowing with their own light. Phosphorescent paints are a building facade which charges with light during the day and glows after dark; a ceiling shining in the night like a star-studded sky after dark; elements of pavement „illuminating” the way for pedestrians, glow-in-the-dark pieces of ornaments, decorations, elements of costumes. They are also used for applying on warning or information signs and communication paths visible at night.

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