The use of special inks and varnishes for protection of product packaging against counterfeit and forgery

Counterfeit, plagiarism and copying without the approval from the owners of designs or specific products is a nightmare of many industries these days. Today, not only intellectual property, an idea or a concept may be stolen, but also a finished product. This is why more and more enterprises begin to protect their assets using various methods. One of them is the use of special inks and varnishes in order to prevent counterfeit without the owner’s approval.

What could be secured using inks and varnishes?

High class special inks and varnishes, using physicochemical phenomena not only add incredible appearance to the surfaces and items, they are also able to properly secure them. Among the products vulnerable to counterfeit, copying or direct theft, are: packagings of luxury products, alcohols, cosmetics, jewellery, etc., lottery tickets and coupons, documents and securities, labels of branded goods, etc.

Forgers and thieves hunt for poorly secured products to be able to forge them, copy or transform for their own use. Most often forged are labels and packagings, because this way „pirate” companies save on costs of product development an certification.

How to secure product packagings against counterfeiting?

To curb plagiarism and counterfeiting of product packagings, it is worth using special inks and varnishes as means of security. Among the companies which use this type of solutions is i.e. SPLinx – the company with one of the most comprehensive offers of special inks in Europa. Within the brand’s assortment, there are i.e. penetrating inks with deep migration of pigment, used for protection of documents’ authenticity, and thermochromic inks, where the colour fades or changes together with the temperature increase or under UV light. Solutions used by SPLinx allow to secure products in a way that their authenticity can be verified by using UV lamps, water or even a touch of a finger.

Special inks and varnishes for protection of products against counterfeiting

SPLinx offers an extensive range of special inks and varnishes, perfect for protection of products’ packagings against counterfeiting. Among them, there are e.g.:

  • invisible fluo inks – fluorescent inks visible under UV, enabling marking of products invisible to the end customer
  • MICR magnetic inks – inks containing iron oxides, allowing scanning devices to quickly read magnetically encoded information
  • penetrating inks – inks containing pigments which are able to deeply migrate, perfect for securing the authenticity of documents
  • thermochromic inks – inks reacting to temperature increase, perfect for both marketing purposes (it may be used for covering the underprint containing information) and securing a product packaging against counterfeit
  • optically variable varnishes – changing colour, depending on a viewing angle, perfect for securing documents and labels against forgery
  • and many, many more inks used in securing the authenticity of products against counterfeiting and forgery

SPLinx’ offer includes products dedicated primarily to Customers who have higher expectations in terms of security. The knowledge accumulated by the company, as well as state-of-art-technology, allows for creation of inks and varnishes capable of securing most crucial documents, forms, packagings and labels.

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