The use of special inks and varnishes in the production of board games, playing cards, and puzzles

Despite various forms of entertainment available nowadays, including the ones brought by technology, traditional games are still widely popular. The retro approach to the leisure constantly enchants many people. It so happens because board games are currently extremely interesting and complex. This is possible thanks to… special inks and varnishes! Which types of inks are used in designing board games, cards, and puzzles?

Special inks in the production of board games – why are they so important?

It has been known for a long time that special inks play a very important role in many fields. That is also the case in the industry of games and other puzzles. After all, the best game, apart from its substantive value, is also aesthetically pleasing. It all counts in its reception and thanks to it, a user can fully enjoy the game.

Special inks have an impact to the quality of a board game as a product to a high degree. This is why, apart from their special effects, their durability is very important because it translates into purely practical use of board games. Games, due to the use and aging, gradually deteriorate, and high-quality inks effectively slow this process down. They are resistant to rub and often also to UV radiation (the colour does not fade away over time) or water.

Special inks in board games are not just about appearance

Special inks in board games definitely enhance aesthetic value of accessories. Thanks to them, boards, pieces, or cards look good and are more attractive to the player. But, in this case, the appearance is not everything. Apart from it, special inks also fulfill many other tasks.

Producers of board and card games or puzzles often make use of unique properties of special inks. These often add something extra to the gameplay, providing additional stimuli to the players. They stand out with interesting colour, sparkle, glow in the dark, or change their colour under the influence of the temperature or light, they also allow the player to interact, e.g. by the touch. This enables to elevate the entertainment from the board games to another level.

Most popular types of special paints

There are various types of products on the market. The most often picked are primarily these solutions which directly translate into visual quality, i.e. metallic, fluorescent, and phosphorescent inks. Moreover, producers and designers sometimes also use photochromic or thermochromic inks. Scented varnishes are also very popular.

An aesthetic board game is a good board game – metallic and fluorescent inks

In order to give a unique appearance to their game, producers use metallic inks, for example. They stand out with not only their special, shiny surface, but also an interesting texture. On the other hand, fluorescent inks absorb, and then reflect UV radiation. It allows to obtain much more vivid, expressive colours. They effectively enhance the creativeness of games and cards and also encourage the players to take part in gameplay.

Phosphorescent inks and varnishes – glow-in-the-dark entertainment

Good board games are outside the box. One of the most interesting solutions are puzzles which glow in the dark. It is possible thanks to phosphorescent inks. They absrob the radiation during the day to then give it back in the dark which allows for a glowing effect. This way, interesting, unique effects, which not only stimulate the imagination but also give a special vibe to the gameplay, can be achieved.

Inks changing colours due to external factors

Producers and designers of board games, when looking for creative solutions, use thermochromic inks. They change their properties under the influence of the temperature. A coating can react to the touch and change colour, revealing e.g. hidden information. It gives numerous possibilities for a creative use in board games.

Educational sensory games for children – scented inks in the main role

Puzzles and board games for the youngest ones are not only about the entertainment but also learning and development. This is why designers try to interact with different stimuli of the child. In sensory games, scented inks and varnishes in particular are used. They enable the youngest ones to get to know the world and their own senses better. The scent stimulus of special inks is new and very attractive to a child.

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