Mixing inks plant

SPLinx is also about mixed inks. We have one of the best equipped printing ink mixing plants in Poland. We also have printing testers which allow us to make test outprints in every printing technology.

Our mixing plant also deals with formulating special inks and varnishes, including metallic and fluorescent ones

The fact that we use the most up-to-date and extensive ink formulating software Ink Formulation 6 in Manufacturer’s edition is a huge advantage of our mixing plant.

This version allows us to create colorimetric databases for our inks on our own.

This gives us independence – we just choose what’s best from the market.

However, the biggest asset of our mixing plant are people.

Our plant consists of two professional colorists with great knowledge of technologies, assortment and ink formulating software, and a manager who manages quality.

We own fully-equipped, professional ink mixing plant.

We choose inks form customer samples and by using basic communication tools in the field of colorimetry – Pantone®, HKS and RAL colour guides.

Thanks to colorimetric analysis and the experience of our employees, we are able to make every ink and deliver it to our Customer in a short time.

We ensure full repeatability of colours when reordering. Our inks are being prepared by strictly following the needs and recommendations of our Customers, including parameters such as:

• printing technology (offset, UV offset, UV flexo, water-based flexo, screen printing, UV screen printing etc.),

• type of substrate (coated, uncoated, synthetic etc.), kind of (offset varnish, dispersive varnish, UV varnish, foil etc.),

• resistance (alkali, alcohol and lightfastness), drying speed (fresh, semi-fresh, quick-drying),

• intensity,

• type of printing machines (web-fed rotary machines, sheetfed machines, flat or rotary screen etc.)

• special needs such as low migration, low odour, laser printing, compliance with specific regulations or possession of appriopriate certificates.

We use only the newest Pantone®, HKS and RAL colour guides which are our templates and reference materials.

We also make sure the difference between the template colour (Customer’s colour sample or a colour guide) and the colour of our ink does not exceed 1 ΔE2000.

and here you are what the production process of our inks looks like

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