Organisation culture

SPLinx is a place where we create innovations. Since its very beginning the company has been focused on creation of its own, self-discovered product formulations.

The horizontal nature of company management allows for creativity and ingenuity of our team and fosters the creation of innovations.

The aim to modernisation is guaranteed by a young team of professionals who shape the company.

A creative, free atmosphere at work is conductive to personal and professional development.

W SPLinx stawiamy na nowoczesAt SPLinx, we focus on modern work tools and IT solutions that facilitate everyday tasks and internal communication.

Although procedures have been created for all processes, we fill them in a creative way – supplementing them every day – by adding a creative content.

Maybe because all the people, involved in the process, take part in their creation.

We focus on good relationships and harmonious cooperation with all the company stakeholders.

Of course, our Customers are the most important to us, but our good relationships with our suppliers and other participants of the market – including our competitors – are almost as important.

SPLinx is also a family business, with a friendly working atmosphere. Although we draw on corporate patterns when running our company, we try to give them a more humane, friendly dimension.

Virtually every leading firm you can name, small or large, has developed a distinctive culture that is clearly identifiable by its employees (…). Sometimes it emerges over time as an organization encounters and overcomes challenges and obstacles in its environment. Kim Cameron, Diagnosing and changing organizational culture.