Printing Inks

Due to the fact that the foundations of our company are strongly rooted in printing inks’ sector, this area of ink and paint industry is definitely the closest one to us. Our portfolio consists of special printing inks and varnishes intended to use in actually any printing technology.

These products can be applied from printing machines in technologies such as: offset, UV offset, dry offset, letterpress, water-based flexo, UV flexo, solvent-based flexo, water-based screen, UV screen, UV rotogravure etc. We are still enhancing our products, and since printing is the field we know best, this is where we achieve our best results.

Probably the most comprehensive offer of special printing inks in Poland

We have probably the most comprehensive offer of special printing inks and varnishes in Poland – and perhaps even in Europe. In our portfolio you can find a very wide range of printing products in many different versions adapted to every printing technology.

Our specialty is our very individual approach to our Customers’ needs. Because of varied and individual requirements which our products are supposed to fulfill, we deliver them „tailor-made” for our Customers. This approach guarantees – as long as said ink or varnish is available in a given printing technology – that, in principle, only we are able to offer our Customer a product which is well suited to a printing technology, type of machine, number of printing units, degree of ink application, the richness of the effect and other required parameters.

Along with the development of our company, SPLinx started to be percieved as the kind of information and inquiry centre in the field of special inks and varnishes. We answer from a few to more than a dozen different inquiries about special inks and varnishes and their usage each week, thus becoming a sort of a platform for exchange of experiences and information in this field.

New marketing possibilities for printing houses and their customers

In the age of increasing competition at the sphere of fulfilling aesthetic and cognitive expectations of the end customer, the usage of printing inks and varnishes in a way so that they can offer more than just their traditional, colourful, visual side is becoming increasingly important. Unlike the period of development of modern Polish printing industry which took place 10-20 years ago, when a decent quality colourful outprint guaranteed a marketing success the product, there has been a time of monotony of visual side of printing projects in recent years.

Today we are dealing with products characterised by the highest print quality, but this is something virtually every printing house can offer. The competition is so fierce that graphic designers and marketing agencies compete to create more sophisticated visual projects. However, they lack tools, since in the field of colour almost everything has already been invented. This is where our offer, which provides new, excellent marketing tools for interaction with customers to designers who are always hungry for new effects, comes in handy.

This way a printed product, designed by them, has a chance to surprise with a new visual effect, excellent shine, gloss, glow and brightness; to bring the end customers into a game with interactive effects, where they can actively initiate the effect. End customers can expose a product to temperature, sunlight or UV light so that it changes colour or reveals a hidden effect, scratch the ink off to reveal a message underneath, rub the printed area to release a scent, touch the printout to feel its texture, check if the product is original, plug the product to electricity so that it shines, encode information and much, much more.

We have experience in production of printing inks and varnishes

Printing is the area of industry we originated from. This is where we took our first steps, gained experience and skills. This makes us especially proud of our offer of special inks and varnishes dedicated to printing.


METALinx – metallic gold and silver inks

SPL METALinx – special metallic gold and silver inks

FLUOinx – fluorescent and neon inks

SPL FLUOinx – special fluorescent and neon inks

CHROMinx – colour-changing inks

LUMinx – inks glowing after excitation

SCENTinx – scented varnishes

EMGinx – magnetic and conductive inks

FRICTinx – inks with the effect after rubbing

COPYinx – varnishes for production of carbonless papers

INTERFinx – varnishes with shimmery and sparkly pigments

TOUCHinx – perceptible varnishes

PENETinx - inks penetrating the paper structure

VARNinx – glossy and matte overprint varnishes (OPVs)

CIDALinx – avtiviral and antibacterial varnishes

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