TOUCHinx – perceptible varnishes

Structural perceptible varnishes are an interesting alternative to the average glossy or matte varnishes. They visibly distinguish a label or a packaging, creating a unique visual and tactile effect.

Structural varnishes create a kind of an „image over the image” on the print surface. As for the varnishes which activate the user’s sense of touch, their surfaces usually feel nice or interesting to the touch. They can resemble suede, rubber, orange peel, sand, paper, leather, etc.

Braille convex varnishes are often used for printing text for the visually impaired and blind. With the help of varnishes with opposite surface tensions, the interesting glossy-matte contrast effect can be obtained.

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Convex Braille varnishes for printing

Soft-touch varnishes for printing

Drip-off varnishes for printing

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