Construction Paints

Special inks, paints, varnishes and coatings which use physicochemical phenomena, resulting in emerging of surprising, intreresting and useful visual or other sensory effects, meet with growing interest of the recipients from the construction industry.

SPLinx is special inks and paints - fluorescent, luminescent, metallic, thermochromic, photochromic, phosphorescent and many, many more – which add extra value to your work. We are able to prepare special paints for surfaces such as: plasters, coats, wood, concrete, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, ceramic tiles, furniture, old paint coatings and many more.

Application of special paints and coatings for construction

Our products are being present in many representative facilities in Poland and Europe, in music clubs, restaurants, casinos, escape rooms, scenographies of sports, performance and theatrical events, both large-scale and small-scale, in unusual interior designs and architectural projects.

Farby i lakiery specjalne dla architektów i designerów

Our paints can be applied using classic application methods such as roller, brush, spray painting gun, as well as using professional industrial lines in technologies such as  spraying, roller, rotogravure etc. SPLinx produces special paints and varnishes which can be used not only indoors but also outdoors.

The most comprehensive offer of special construction paints in Poland

We have the ability to create a paint which would react to a given wavelenth of light such as paints glowing under UV light (so-called blacklight paints). A paint, transparent in the daylight, after turning off the light and turning on the UV lamps, unveils the world oozing with a richness of colours. This way, you can also hide content which is visible only when the blacklights are on. Another example are fluorescent inks emitting a bright, neon glow in orange, yellow-green or red, used in places which are supposed to especially attract the attention.

Thermochromic floor, reacting to the heat of a human body, with footprints similar to the ones on a sandy beach? Walls reacting to the touch, ice or warm air? A building facade with a photochromatic coating that changes colours under the sunlight? Do you dream of a building facade which charges with light during the day and glows after dark? Or maybe a ceiling shining in the night like a star-studded sky? You can light up your nighttime surroundings both indoors and outdoors by using phosphorescent paints.

We can create a resistant epoxy resin which will work well in mechanical exploitation and, in addition, will also be fluorescent. If you would like a „glowing” marking of pedestrian routes on an epoxy floor, we will find a solution for you. Grouts which glow in the dark or under the UV light, ceramic floor tiles or bathroom tiles which change colour when exposed to warm or hot water. White paints which turn transparent after contact with water or moisture.

Among the solutions using our special paints and coatings you can find interferential (sparkling and shimmering with different colours), optically variable (changing colours depending on the angle of observation) and pearlescent products.

You can create a magical room for your child, full of incredible, interactive effects by using fluorescent, phosphorescent (glow-in-the-dark), photochromic (reacting to light), thermochromic paints, (reacting to temperature change), blackboard paints which can be drawn on with chalk, magnetic paints which will hold magnetic elements of toys and games, and many more. Build a fence with elements or decorations which appear during sunny weather. Create scented walls which release scent after rubbing them with hand. Paint your walls with a conductive paint or one that glows after plugging to electricity.

Responding to the current needs of a market, we have introduced into our portfolio microbicidal (germicidal and virucidal) products for use at home, in residential buildings and for professional use in public spaces, e.g. healthcare facilities. These products can be applied the classical way, like any other wall paints and coatings, or by fogging protected surfaces with them.

We help in choosing the right special construction paint or varnish

We produce paints and coatings in various technologies, from the eco-friendly, water-based ones, through UV/LED-cured products, to epoxy or solvent-based products. We make our paints suited to Customer’s specific requirements.

We adjust our coatings to the requirements of interior designers and architects, helping them make the right choice. Our products are often „tailored” to specific recommendations and needs of our Customers. Our Technical Department is ready to face the most demanding challenges in special coatings’ area.


METALpaint – metallic gold and silver paints for construction

SPL METALpaint – special metallic gold and silver paints

FLUOpaint – fluorescent and neon paints

SPL FLUOpaint – special fluorescent and neon paints

CHROMpaint – colour-changing paints

LUMIpaint – paints glowing after excitation

SCENTpaint – scented paints

EMGpaint – magnetic and conductive paints

FRICTpaint – paints with the effect after rubbing

INTERpaint – varnishes with shimmery and sparkly pigments

TOUCHpaint – perceptible varnishes

CIDALpaint – antiviral and antibacterial paints and varnishes

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