METALpaint – metallic gold and silver paints for construction

Paints which imitate gold or silver can be used for creating one-of-a-kind designs, ornaments and decorations, luxurious interiors and arrangements, decorating furniture, mirrors, paintings and other household items.

Metallic paints are perfect fit for loft interiors, helping in creation of a post-industrial style, specific to this kind of spaces. By using silver and gold paints as well as their coloured mixes, a creator can bring out the pure metal effect on stair railings, pipes, heaters, factory equipment, elements of installations and displays.

Metallic paints also go very well with natural materials such as wood and stone.

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Gold and silver paints for metal

Metallic Gold and Silver paints for construction

Metallic gold paints for construction

Metallic paints for furniture

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Metallic paints for wood for construction

Metallic paints in copper for construction

Metallic silver paints for construction

Metallic wall paints for construction

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