Metallic gold paints for construction

Our metallic gold paint allows you to paint surfaces such as furniture, mirrors, paintings, as well as create patterns, ornaments, and decorations. With its help, you have a chance to arrange your space in a luxurious way. By using gold paint, you will create a beautiful interior in loft or baroque style.

Metallic gold paint – application

Metallic gold paints, available within our offer, are perfect for furniture renovation. Thanks to them, it will gain a second life. It is a versatile solution, allowing to make a coherent arrangement out of unmatching furniture. However, it is not the only application of our metallic gold paints. They can be used not only on wood, but also on metal, concrete, plastics, or plasterwork. Thanks to it, you can use our paints to decorate and renovate baseboards, pipes, radiators, railings, mouldings, picture frames, lamps, or vases. It is a solution that makes the details visible, turning them into the main part of the decor. Our metallic gold paint is a product worth having!

The offer suited to our Customers’ needs

As the experienced paint manufacturer and paints, we have prepared a reliable offer for our Customers. Our company stands out with a wide assortment. We offer special paints and varnishes suited to various needs and expectations. We have many years of experience in the production and distribution of products used in printing, industries, and construction. However, we still expand our knowledge to be able to offer the best to our Customers.

We offer professional industrial paints, printing inks, and construction paints. Our fluorescent paints for walls or fluorescent paints for metal are also interesting options.

We also offer professional advice if necessary. Substantive knowledge at a highest level and a great knowledge of the industry make it easy for us to find the most convenient solution which will meet the expectations of the most demanding Customers. We welcome you to place orders!

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