Fluorescent wall paints for construction

Fluorescent wall paint looks best in details. Interesting patterns in original colours can change a whole interior. To make it easier for our Customers to create unique designs, we offer fluorescent wall paints, available in many colour variants and different types. We welcome you to get to know our assortment!

Fluorescent wall paints and what you should know about them?

Fluorescent wall paint can be acrylic or oil-based (phthalic). It is characterised primarily by its unusual properties. During the day, it is either completely invisible, or in bright, neon colours. Its uniqueness can only be seen in the night – it starts to glow. This effect is possible due to the phenomenon of fluorescence. How is it possible? Fluorescent wall paint glows brightly against the background of dark surroundings under the influence of UV light. The paint stops glowing as soon as the source of UV light is out. 

Fluorescent wall paint finds many practical uses. It can help e.g. mark evacuation routes. In many cases it fills the information and warning purpose. However, it is not its only application! Fluorescent wall paint also allows to create beautiful decorations. You can paint them yourself or by using special painting stencils.

Fluorescent paint for walls and more

At SPLinx, we offer both invisible products as well as ones in beautiful, bright shades. You can buy from us, among others:

  • phthalic-carbamide fluorescent paint – usually applied outdoors
  • acrylic fluorescent paints – dense paints with high pigment content
  • sprayable fluorescent paint – used for creating interesting designs on various surfaces. Most often used together with painting stencils which allow to create beautiful patterns.

At SPLinx, you will also find acrylic primers. It is a type of product used as a base layer prior to applying an acrylic coating. Its main task is to improve absorbency and increase adhesion of the substrate.

Our assortment includes not only fluorescent wall paints. We also offer products that are perfect for painting ceilings, as well as for metal or wood.

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