Industrial Coatings

Special inks, paints, varnishes and coatings by SPLinx are also intended to be widely used in various industries. Using special physicochemical properties of our products allows for additional, often surprising and useful visual or other sensory effects in industries.

Our special paints and coatings can be applied in processing facilities and production plants by using high performance machines as well as manually. We can produce water-based, acrylic, solvent-based, phtalic, polyurethane-based, UV-cured etc. special paints and coatings.

Application of special paints and varnishes in industry

Often used for increasing safety or for informational purposes in production facilities, in factories, warehouses and other industrial areas.

Special paints and coatings are used where it is necessary to mark dangerous zones, communication paths, assembly lines and other industral spaces, in order to ensure the highest level of safety and comfort of work.

To mark these spaces, paints of exceptional brightness, visible only under appropriate weather conditions or in the light with a specific visibility spectrum, can be used.

Special paints and coatings can also be used for painting helmets or marking protective clothing for employees, marking machinery and production equipment or finished products (e.g. markings or security features invisible to the end customer).

Many ideas for applications of our special products

Our fluorescent paints can be applied on warning or information signs as well as forest or geodetic markers. Marking heating equipment with our thermochromic paints may inform or warn about exceeding set temperature. It can also reveal inscriptions or images which were invisible before.

The same goal, with the help of other effects, can be achieved by using our photochromic, hydrochromic or chemochromic paints. By applying the same paints (with irreversible effect) on machinery or production equipment, processors, metallurgical machines, elements of engines, brake calipers, vehicle bodies and device cases we get an easy way to detect overheating or malfunction of a given device.

With the use of our luminescent paints (glowing after excitation, e.g. with UV or IR light) we can protect a given product against the attempt to counterfeit or duplicate it. We can also mark it in a way that is invisible for end customers but visible for e.g. transporting, separating or packing machines.

Phosphorescent paints are often used in production of glass items (e.g. glow-in-the-dark glass decor, vases, glasses). They are also used in production of glow-in-the-dark evacuation or information boards, for marking trees, stairs, elevations etc.

Aforementioned applications are just a small part of what can be achieved by using our special inks, paints, varnishes and coatings.

We have a wide range of special industrial paints

SPLinx has probably the widest range of special inks, paints, varnishes and coatings in Poland.

We have relatively standard products such as fluorescent, metallic, structural and functional paints as well as more sophisticated products such as luminescent, phosphorescent paints or the ones that glow under UV or IR light, and the most unusual and special paints such as photoluminescent, conductive, photochromic, hydrochromic or chemochromic products.

Of course, this is only a part of our offer. Due to the fact that our employees have been active in the special inks and paints industry for over 15 years, we have a wide knowledge on technologies, raw materials and suppliers of ready-made solutions in this field.

That is why – as long as a product exists on the market – we are able to provide virtually any special ink, paint, varnish or coating. In addition, our R&D Department is able to develop completely new, unusual, innovational solutions unachievable in other companies.

We help in choosing the right special industrial paint or varnish

Special paints and coatings for industries are usually „tailor-made” products. We refine and select them by taking method of application, type of substrate, specific production requirements, type of desired effect and other parameters given by our Customer, into consideration.

A success of such project depends on good communication, exchange of insights and needs as well as full cooperation between our employee, appointed to conduct the project, and Customer. This is why we always recommend our Customers the highest level of commitment and broadening their knowledge on special products. We will be happy to answer every question, we will send information materials and advise in choosing the right product.


METALcoat - metallic gold and silver coatings

SPL METALcoat - special gold and silver metallic coatings

FLUOcoat - fluorescent and neon coatings

SPL FLUOcoat - special fluorescent and neon coatings

CHROMcoat - color changing coatings

LUMcoat - coatings glowing when excited

SCENTcoat - scented coatings

EMGcoat - magnetic and conductive coatings

FRICTcoat - coatings giving the effect after rubbing

INTERcoat - coatings with shimmering and sparkling pigments

TOUCHcoat - coatings that can be felt to the touch

CIDALcoat - antiviral and antibacterial coatings

OVERcoat - coatings for furniture, wood and panels

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