Fluorescent metal paint for construction

Fluorescent metal paint is used in places which are supposed to attract attention. It is an innovative solution which enables to not only distinguish an important place in an interior but also create beautiful decorations. We have prepared an extraordinarily wide offer to facilitate the implementation of your planned project. Get to know it today!

Fluorescent metal paint

Fluorescent metal paint, similarly to other products of this kind, uses physicochemical phenomenon of fluorescence, thanks to which interesting and practical effects can be achieved. It’s a  product which starts to glow under UV light. It’s an unusually effective phenomenon which disappears as soon as the source of ultraviolet is off. Importantly, both transparent and colorful fluorescent metal paints can be chosen. Thanks to this, the design will match the current interior arrangement.

Fluorescent metal paint, available at SPLinx, allows for creation of light signs on bicycles or road signs. It will also work perfectly in marking handrails. However, there are many different ways to use a fluorescent paint. When buying a good quality product, you can be sure it will be have a good adhesion to metal and will create an extremely lasting surface, bright in the daylight and glowing in the dark.

SPLinx – production and distribution of fluorescent paints

At SPLinx, we produce and distribute fluorescent metal paints. Our products are very innovative and functional. Thanks to this, the demand for these products keeps increasing. Responding to our Customers’ needs, we offer not only standard types and colours of fluorescent paints, but also custom-made products.

We are also constantly providing professional assistance. SPLinx has probably the most comprehensive offer of special paints in Poland. We encourage you to get to know our assortment and to contact us!

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