Metallic paints for furniture

Metallic paint for furniture adds characteristic shine to the painted surfaces. Thanks to it, you can create elegant, opulent interior. If you want to emphasise the unique appearance of your space, get to know our products.

Where will metallic paint for furniture work best?

Metallic paints for furniture can be used both at home and public spaces, including restaurants, hotels, or elegant boutiques. It is a perfect way to change an interior and give it a baroque or Byzantian vibe. Metallic paints for furniture, imitating gold or silver, can also be used in creating unique patterns, ornaments, and decorations, as well as in decorating mirrors, paintings, or other household items.

Metallic paint for furniture is a product based on special aluminium pigments, imitating silver, and copper-zinc ones, resembling gold. They come in colours which work very well with natural materials such as stone or wood. With their help, you can create unique and elegant furniture.

Metallic paint for furniture should be applied on a clean, dry, dust-free surface. Before you start painting, it is worth sanding it with fine sandpaper, and then remove the resulting dust. The next step in the case of wooden interior furnishings is to apply the paint along the grain and wait a few hours. After that, you can apply a second coat. This is enough for a metallic paint for furniture to show its beautiful look.

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