Metallic paints for wood for construction

Our metallic paint for wood will provide a spectacular shine to the painted surfaces. It is a solution that can be used in creating unique patterns, ornaments, and decorations as well as decorating furniture, mirrors, paintings. If you are looking for a way to revive your space, we recommend trying our professionally prepared offer.

Metallic paint for wood is a great investment

iMetallic paints for wood stand out with their carefully selected components, which makes them durable and resistant to passing time. What is also important, they can be used on raw wood as well as already painted, varnished, or stained wood. Our metallic paint for wood is also perfect on laminated surfaces. Thanks to this, it is such a versatile solution. If you want to change your interior, all you have to do is clean, degrease, and even out your surface with fine sandpaper, and then – paint wooden elements. It is easier and faster than you think!

Our products are used both in private and public spaces. And their application is nearly unlimited. Metallic paint for wood can be used in furniture renovations, renewals of window frames and paintings’ or icons’ frames. With its help, you can also paint baseboards and other details that will change your interior.

Our offer is worth trying

As the experienced paint manufacturer, we know how to meet the expectations of our Customers, even the demanding ones. We provide a wide selection of products – special paints as well as special varnishes. What distinguishes us is our many years of experience in the production and distribution of products used in printing, construction, and industries (see: printing inks, construction paints and industrial paints). Among our products, you can also find effective fluorescent paints for walls or fluorescent paints for metal – please check out these suggestions.

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