Metallic silver paints for construction

Add a bit of shine to your interior with products by SPLinx. A metallic silver paint, available within our offer, will make your furniture, doors, walls, window frames, metallic elements or decorations gain a new, shiny life. Thanks to it, your space will become more exclusive and you will feel amazing in it. Metallic paint is an excellent choice!

Silver colour at your home or company

Silver colour in interiors looks incredibly luxurious and noble. This colour is based on special pigments which imitate silver or aluminium. This is why metallic silver paint is often chosen by those people to whom the style of their space is very important. This solution is used in glamour and Victorian interior designs as well as more modern, post-industrial or loft interiors.

Acrylic, phthalo-carbamide, or polyurethane-based paints imitating silver make the room seem more bright and lit up. This is why they are used both at home and at luxurious restaurants, bars, or hotels. Nothing stands in the way of using the metallic finish also at a concert stage or theatre hall.

Metallic silver paints – method of application

In order to achieve a beautiful effect by using a metallic silver paint, all it takes is to clean and degrease a surface to be painted, and then apply the product with a brush or roller. If necessary, you can paint your decor item with a second layer. This is enough to enjoy a beautiful and exclusive space.

Within our offer, you will find metallic paints in silver, gold, and many other metallic shades. Check out the products available at SPLinx and create a space which suits your needs! We can also take an individual order and custom-make a metallic paint adapted to your project. Would you like to know more details? Contact us today!

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