CIDALpaint – antiviral and antibacterial paints and varnishes

Antiviral and antibacterial paints and varnishes are characterised by their virucidal and bactericidal properties.

Their formulation is enriched with silver ions, which effectively (99.99%) destroy all the viruses and bacteria as well as block their multiplication. The action of silver ions also limits the growth of fungi and moulds which are harmful to the humans.

Properties and application of antiviral and antibacterial paints and varnishes

Antiviral and antibacterial paints and varnishes are human-friendly, do not contain volatile compounds and formaldehyde, also do not pose a fire hazard.

Antibacterial paints and varnishes are most often used on the walls of buildings with increased presence of people, namely – hospitals, schools, or hotels.

Farba antybakteryjna CIDAL PAINT

Advantages of CIDALpaint antiviral and antibacterial paints and varnishes

The important advantage of this kind of paints and varnishes is the fact that the wall coatings done with them are long-lasting, insensitive to dirt and do not discolour.

Scrubbing or swiping will not make them lose colour nor their antibacterial and antiviral properties, which is important in case of places such as hospital, educational or preschool rooms.

Method of application of antibacterial and antiviral paints and varnishes

They can be applied with a paintbrush, roller, as well as by spraying, and the surfaces which are perfect for it are concretes, plasterboard, plaster and glass substrates.

Please contact us to request more information on application of microbicidal varnishes.

Farba antybakteryjna
farby antybakteryne w SPLinx

Types of antibacterial varnishes

Antibacterial paints and varnishes belong to the kind of „smart paints”, which have been developed in a special formulation which works in contact with specific factors (in this case, bacteria and viruses).

Antiviral and antibacterial paints and varnishes come in the form of e.g. oil or acrylic products, sprayable liquids with nanoparticles (please contact us if you are interested in other types of application).

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Sprayable liquid with nano substances for construction

Varnishes based on silver ions for construction

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