FRICTpaint – paints with the effect after rubbing

Paints reacting to rubbing them with hand or other object. They can be successfully used in creation of creative spaces, especially children’s rooms as well as in marketing or advertising.

Scratch-off paints, after tearing off the top layer, reveal a number, image or a piece of information (e.g. about winning) which was hidden before from the eyes of a user. Coin-activated paints, by using other method of action (they reveal an image after rubbing a transparent elementt with a copper-containing metal), can serve exactly the same purpose as the scratch-off paints.

Erasable paints can be removed by using an office eraser, revealing a design underneath. The most populat paint of this kind is a blackboard paint which can be drawn and written on by using a chalk, thus turning the walls of the room into an interactive blackboard.

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Blackboard paints for construction

Coin Reactive paints for construction

Erasable paints for construction

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