EMGpaint – magnetic and conductive paints

Paints containing special ferromagnetic and conductive pigments. They can be used for imcreasing creativity and interactivity of spaces. With their help, a designer can create an installation which provokes to play, especially in children’s rooms or interactive workrooms which are places of creation of innovative solutions. Wherever we want to create a space which stimulates creativity, for both children and creative professionals.

Thanks to their ferromagnetic pigments, magnetising paints have the ability to attract magnets. The painted surface attracts a magnet and turns into a magnetic board. A user can attach colourful cards with notes, favourite pictures and drawings, magnets shaped into letters and numbers, and many more. This way, we can build artistic abilities in a child as well as creatively organise our own work.

Electricity-condunting paints based on carbon, silver or copper show very poor electric resistance, hence they are excellently conductive and this is why they are used wherever painting is the easiest way to create an electric connection.

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Electrically Conductive paints for construction

Magnetising paints for construction

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