COPYinx – varnishes for production of carbonless papers

Varnishes for production of carbonless and thermal papers, which are widely used in economy, banking and financial services, transport, logistics, circulation of documentation, etc.

CB varnishes are for obtaining the surface responsible for transfer of an image. After merging the microcapsules, crushed by using a pen or a pencil, with a developer on a side of copy with CF, an image is obtained.

In case of thermal papers, an image is created by breaking the microcapsules, which contain a dye, by using high temperature from the head of a thermal printer.

To neutralise selected areas of carbonless papers, a special varnish, which blocks the damage of the microcapsules and release of the dye, is used.

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Thermal coating varnishes for printing

Copy-back (CB) coating varnishes for printing

CF coating varnishes for printing

CFB coating varnishes for printing

Neutralising varnishes for printing

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