SCENTinx – scented varnishes

Scented varnishes contain fragrance essences which attract the recipient with their unique aromas. Often used in marketing, in order to interest and attract a potential customer with another sense in addition to eyesight.

They come in a version with microcapsules, which release fragrance only after rubbing them with hand, or in a permanent version, where a very intense aroma can be felt just since the moment of printing. In the first kind, the scent lasts for a long time and is gradually released, and in the other kind, the scent, very intense at the beginning, withers over time.

We also specialise in microencapsulation of fragrance oils provided by the Customer, and then creating scented varnishes for all the printing technologies.

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Scented varnishes with a Customer’s essence for printing

Permanent scented varnishes for printing

Microcapsule-based scent varnishes for printing

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