Scented varnishes with a Customer’s essence for printing

Scented varnishes with a Customer’s essence are the varnishes based on fragrance essences delivered by a Customer.

Process of preparation of a scented varnishes with an essence provided by a Customer

Fragrance oils which meet specific chemical requirements are put into a process of microencapsulation.

The capsules are then combined with a carrier which is usually a varnish for a printing technology chosen by our Customer.

Not all fragrance essences can be closed in microcapsules, therefore compatibility tests of scented oils are carried out before prior to the microencapsulation process.

Scented varnishes based on an essence provided by our Customer are most often used in advertising and marketing, in situations when a company would like to present its customer with a fragrance it produces (e.g. cosmetic, perfume cream, etc.) on a leaflet, magazine or other advertising material.

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