Microcapsule-based scent varnishes for printing

Scented microcapsule-based varnishes are products which release fragrances after rubbing a dried surface of the print.

They contain microcapsules with fragrance oils, which release the ordered fragrance after damaging walls of microcapsules (e.g. after rubbing with hand).

Thanks to this solution, the scent of our varnishes lasts much longer than in the case of adding a scented essence directly to the varnish and the scent is being released „on demand”.

We have scented varnishes cotaining new-generation microcapsules – these are not destroyed immediately after rubbing but cause the fragrance essences to penetrate through the walls of the microcapsules, gradually releasing the fragrances.

Thanks to this technology, the scent lasts especially long. Available are practically all the scents present in nature.

The use of scented varnishes adds an unusual character to the products and attracts by using another, apart from the sight, sense – smell – giving additional promotional-marketing effect.

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