METALinx – metallic gold and silver inks

One-part metallic inks based on copper and zinc inks, imitating gold and silver colours. These inkns are characterised by a high shine and exclusive, unique appearance of a print surface. Gold colours are available in traditional shades (RichGold, RichPaleGold, PaleGold) and in Pantone® system (871–876), and silver colour – as a Pantone® Silver 877 shade.

The best shine and effect of rich decoration can be obtained on glossy substrates, with a smooth surface, or after prior use of a primer.

Dedicated for printing on both traditional substrates (uncoated, coated, cardboard) and synthetic ones (PE, PP, PVC, PS).

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Pantone® Gold and Silver inks for printing

Metallic silver inks for printing

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