VARNinx – glossy and matte overprint varnishes (OPVs)

Refining varnishes, usually applied from the varnishing unit of offset or flexo machines, in UV/LED-cured version or water-based. Besides from the flexo technology, they are also available for screen printing and offset printing from an inkwell.

In their basic versions, they come in forms of matte and glossy varnishes. More sopisticated varieties are: low-migration, low-odour, satin, benzophenone-free, base coats, thermal transfer products, the ones for peel-off labels, with the possibility of subsequent lamination or overprinting, anti-adhesion, anti-slip, anti-static, for sleeve labels or IML, non-yellowing, for direct food contact, with improved reactivity (supporting the UV curing) and even imitating the appearance of ice or snow.

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Glossy and matte OPV for printing

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