Fluorescent concrete paints for construction

During the day, fluorescent concrete paint creates a visibly bright coating, which without a doubt attracts the attention of spectators. On the other hand, at night, under the influence of UV light, it starts to glow. These two dimensions make our fluorescent concrete paint an excellent choice both for home and public spaces. We encourage you to get to know our offer!

Why is it worth buying a fluorescent concrete paint?

Fluorescent concrete paint finds many uses. It is a universal product which looks excellently both during the day and at night. In the sunlight, neon and expressive colours which will amaze everyone, can be seen.

However, in the night, our fluorescent concrete paint reacts to UV radiation. What does it mean in practice? Mainly that when there is no light on, the created images are invisible. They appear only under the UV radiation. Thanks to blacklight lamps, bright designs begin to glow.

This method of working makes our fluorescent concrete paint find its use at bars, restaurants, cluns and other spaces where decoration matters. Interestingly, this is not the only way to using this product.

Fluorescent concrete paint can also serve information-warning purpose. With its help, you can mark evacuation routes or important spaces at industrial hall or in a company. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Fluorescent concrete paint – where and how to apply it?

SPLinx is characterised by its extremely wide offer. You can buy many different colours of fluorescent paints here. Our products also differ in methods of application or types. We offer:

  • phthalo-carbamide fluorescent concrete paint
  • acrylic fluorescent concrete paint
  • polyurethane fluorescent concrete paint
  • sprayable fluorescent concrete paint

Using our fluroescent concrete paint is extremely easy. Before the application, the surface about to be painted should be thoroughly cleaned. Next, in case of acrylic paint, it is helpful to use an acrylic primer on concrete.

It is a product which enhances the adhesion to the substrate and improves absorbency. When the primer is dry, you can apply our paint. You can create designs and images with fluorescent cocnrete paint both manually and by using special stencils.

Also check out a reflective concrete paint available at SPLinx!

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