Fluorescent wood paint for construction

Fluorescent wood paint is our specialty. At SPLinx, we have the most comprehensive offer, which will enable you to execute even the most specialised project. Our fluorescent paint is a safe bet!

Fluorescent wood paints in SPLinx’ offer

Fluorescent wood paint, thanks to the unique physicochemical phenomenon, causes the occurence of surprising, unique and practical visual effects. Thanks to this, it perfectly affects the senses of recipients of construction industry.

These paints have beautiful, neon colours during the day, but in the night they start to glow under the influence of UV light. However, they are not only a unique decoration; they can also be used for e.g. marking important landmarks or information.

Importantly, fluorescent wood paint comes in different variants. At SPLinx, you will find:

  • fluorescent wood paints, emitting bright and pure shades similar to an advertising neon
  • fluorescent wood paints, mixed in many shades of expressive colours
  • fluorescent wood paints, glowing white under UV.

Fluorescent paint for wood and more

Our offer includes not only a fluorescent wood paint. You will also find here products for plastic, glass, metal, and even concrete. What is more, we offer both invisible variants as well as ones in a wide colour range.

Such a comprehensive assortment means we can say without hesitation that you will surely find fluorescent wood paints you need.

Have no idea which product to choose? Utilise our help! At SPLinx, we offer specialised knowledge and technical assistance, which will help you choose fluorescent wood paints perfectly suited to your project.

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