Fluorescent inks for printing food packaging for printing

Inks with exceptional glow, vividness and purity of colour, glowing in a daylight and under the UV light, characterised by not exceeding the global migration limits, therefore suitable for printing food packaging (for indirect food contact).

At SPLinx, we focus on innovations and are constantly working on expanging our product range, therefore our Research & Development Department has developed low-migration fluorescent printing inks in UV flexo technology, intended for printing food packaging.

We are proud to be probably the first company in the world to launch this type of products to the market.

We are happy to inform that these inks have successfully passed the global migration tests, carried out by an accredited laboratory.

The tests were performed on the basis of PN-EN 14338:2005 and PN-EN 1186-13:2007 standards as well as Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 of 14 January 2011 on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.

According to the Regulation, the acceptable limit of global migration for inks is 10 mg/dm³. Average test results for SPLinx’ UV flexo fluorescent inks oscillate between 1,38±0,73 mg/dm³ and 3,33±0,75 mg/dm³.

It means that the unique, eye-catching solutions by SPLinx can find even more applications.

Now, it is possible to print labels and packaging of beverages, foodstuff, alcohols, ice-cream, sweets and a whole range of any other food products. Creators of packaging and labels are now limited only by their own imagination, not the health aspect.

They can freely design the image of food products using expressive fluorescent colours.

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