Fluorescent paints for plastics for construction

Fluorescent paint for plastics is a versatile product. It will work perfectly at home as well as in an enterprise or a restaurant. Fluorescent paint for plastics also enables marking evacuation routes and other important spaces. Plastic details in a neon colour, which glow in the dark, will surely grab attention.

Fluorescent paint for plastics – how does it work and how to use it?

Fluorescent paint for plastics has two unique dimensions. During the day, it stands out with beautiful and bright colours, and at night, UV radiation allows to obtain a glow-in-the-dark surface.

Thanks to this, you can use all the possibilities of fluorescent paint for plastics, or decide to use just its unique daytime qualities. Whatever you choose, you will certainly not be disappointed.

Are you wondering what the application of our fluorescent paint for plastics looks like? It is easier than it seems. Fluorescent paint for plastics is virtually no different in terms of application than other emulsions.

The only difference is the fact that it is helpful to apply an acrylic primer underneath. This product affects adhesion and absorbency. Designs created by using fluorescent paint for plastics can be applied with a paintbrush or a roller, or by using special stencils.

SPLinx – our offer of fluorescent paints for plastics

Green, red, or maybe yellow? At SPLinx you will find fluorescent paints for plastics in many neon colours. Our offer is also comprehensive in terms of type of product. You can buy our fluorescent paints for plastics in the following types:

  • acrylic – stands out with high pigment content. It will make painted on patterns clearly visible;
  • polyurethane – can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is characterised by good adhesion to substrate, hardness, elasticity, and resistance to changing weather conditions;
  • phthalo-carbamide – usually used outdoors. You can paint with it not only plastics, but also wood, metal, or concrete;
  • sprayable – you can create many interesting designs with it. Works perfectly together with painting stencils.

Our offer includes not only fluorescent paints for plastics. We encourage you to get to know our assortment and choose products which will be perfect for construction industry!

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