Fluorescent ceiling paints for construction

Do you wonder how to surprise your customers? Fluorescent ceiling paint is an excellent solution. Thanks to it, you will create surprising, unique and practical visual effects. At SPLinx, we have probably the most diverse offer of special paints in Poland, so we are only limited with imagination. With the help of our products, you will create even the most daring project.

Fluorescent ceiling paint – why you should choose it

Thanks to a fluorescent paint,  beautiful, bright designs will appear on your ceiling during the day, and in the night, the painted symbols will glow. Everything thanks to the fact that our fluorescent ceiling paints use unique physicochemical phenomenon. Because of it, they start glowing under the influence of UV light. Fluorescent ceiling paint, however, should not be applied to its entire area. The best effects can be achieved when small or a bit more intricate details are painted on.

At SPLinx, fluorescent ceiling paint comes in many variants. We offer many colour versions as well as different types of product itself. Available in our offer, among others, are:

  • phthalic-carbamide fluorescent ceiling paint – incredibly universal. It can be applied on many types of surfaces: metal, plastics, wood, glass, cardboards, even concrete
  • acrylic fluorescent paint – can be applied on many different surfaces. It is dense and has high pigment content
  • sprayable fluorescent ceiling paint – does not require priming, therefore is perfect for creating small designs by using painting stencils

Available within our assortmens are also acrylic primers. Their main task is to improve absorbency and adhesion of the substrate. They are used as a base layer prior to applying an acrylic coating.

At SPLinx we know everything about fluorescent paints

At SPLinx we not only distribute, but also produce fluorescent ceiling paints. This is why we have an incredibly individual approach to each order. We not only help choose the right type and colour of paint, but we also implement projects according to our Customers’ needs. We welcome you to get to know our offer!

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