Phosphorescent inks for food packaging for printing

Phosphorus inks glowing in the dark with their own light after prior exposure (“charging”) with daylight, artificial or UV light, characterized by not exceeding the global migration limits, and therefore intended for printing food packaging (for indirect contact with food).

In our company, we focus on continuous development and innovation.

Our Research and Development team is constantly working to introduce innovative, modern solutions sought by our clients. So we can boast that we are probably the first company in the world that has developed low migration phosphorescent inks (so-called “glow in the dark”). the dark “) intended for printing food packaging.

We are pleased to announce that our phosphorescent inks in the UV screen printing technology have successfully passed the global migration tests carried out by an accredited laboratory. The tests were carried out on the basis of the PN-EN 14338: 2005 and PN-EN 1186-13: 2007 standards and the Commission Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 of January 14, 2011 on plastic materials and products intended for contact with food.

According to the Regulation, the permissible global migration limit for inks is 10 mg / dm². The average test results for SPLinx phosphorescent inks are 6.80 ± 1.46 mg / dm².

This has significant implications for the use of this type of paint in the food packaging industry. Night and dark inks can now be successfully used in packaging and food label printing.

Designers and graphic designers of such solutions can introduce them to their projects, and printing houses can print labels and packaging of beverages, food, alcohol, ice cream, sweets and a whole range of other, any food products. Designers of packaging and labels are limited only by their own imagination, not the health aspect.

They can freely design the image of food products with the use of inks that glow at night.

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