Photochromic inks for printing

Photochromic inks are unique products that are worth examining in the light. In the shade, they are completely transparent or milky white, and their true nature is only revealed when you dispel the darkness. Photochromic paint instantly changes color in the light, displaying a burst of colors. The effect is truly stunning!

Photochromic inks – effect visible in light

Photochromic inks change color under the influence of extended spectrum light (e.g. sun) or UV lamp exposure. The intensity of the achieved shade depends on the amount of stimulating agent. The more light there is, the clearer the color becomes. Importantly, photochromic ink ensures an effect that can easily be reversed by depriving the object of access to sunlight or UV light. This makes it inactive.

The application of photochromic ink is extremely broad. It is a product often used in informational and advertising materials, or wherever it is important not just to convey a message but also to provide excellent visual effects that catch the eye. Photochromic ink can also serve a warning function, verifying the amount of UV radiation.

Special Paints in the SPLinx Offer

Our range is extremely wide and diverse. Therefore, it’s no surprise that at SPLinx you can buy photochromic inks in many different variants. This makes it easy for you to adapt the resulting effect to the project you are implementing. Photochromic inks differ not only in type but also in color visible upon activation.

At SPLinx, we are also involved in the production and distribution of other special paints and varnishes. We offer fluorescent, phosphorescent, and thermochromic paints. Need a different type of product? Please contact us! We will help you choose the right paint and even make it for your individual order.

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