Hydrochromic paints for constraction

Reversible hydrochromic paints show their true face under the influence of water. When dry, the graphic created with them is intensely white and highly opaque. However, just a little bit of water is enough for it to turn transparent and show what is underneath, e.g. colourful designs, inscriptions, or signs. But this is not everything we offer! You can also find here irreversible hydrochromic paints which principle of operation may truly surprise you!

Important information about hydrochromic paints

Hydrochromic paints, available within our offer, can be divided into reversible and irreversible. The first type is an interesting decoration mainly at water-related public facilities and leisure spaces. It is perfect at amusement parks, swimming pools, or saunas. When the surface is dry, it does not stand out with anything particular because it is completely white. However, just a few drops of water are enough to show an interesting design in vivid colours hidden underneath. Reversible hydrochromic paints can add new colours, change the image or complete it with a missing piece. They only need to be dry and all the mysterious images get hidden under the opaque white again.

Do you need a solution where certain elements of a graphic design will disappear for good? Irreversible hydrochromic paint is a perfect choice. After the contact with water, the outer layer gets washed off and reveals information underneath. This product also comes in a colouring vershion where the object, after the contact with water, pernamently colours. There are also irreversible hydrochromic paints and inks which are black before the contact with water, and after the contact with water, they turn a specific colour (most often red, yellow, or blue). These inks are most used in colouring books for children but a creative designer may find another interesting way to use them in interior decoration, or staging of events, or escape rooms.

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At SPLinx, you will find many types and colours of hydrochromic paints. Thanks to this, you can easily buy a product meeting your expectations. However, this is not everything that is in our range! We offer our Customers e.g. photochromic, fluorescent, or thermochromic paints. Do you have any questions? We encourage you to contact us! At SPLinx, we know everything about special inks, paints, and varnishes and we are happy to share our knowledge. Thanks to it, you can easily buy a product suitable for your project.

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