Hydrochromic paints for industry

Reversible hydrochromic paints reveal their true nature when exposed to water. When dry, the graphics created with them are intensely white and highly opaque. However, just a touch of water is enough for it to become transparent and reveal what’s underneath, such as colorful drawings, writings, logos, or inscriptions. But that’s not all we offer! We also have irreversible hydrochromic paints whose functioning might genuinely surprise you!

Valuable Information on Hydrochromic Paints

The hydrochromic paints available in our offer are divided into reversible and irreversible types. The first type is an interesting decoration used mainly in public places and recreational spaces associated with water. It works perfectly in amusement parks, swimming pools, or saunas. When the surface is dry, it doesn’t stand out as it is completely white. However, just a few drops reveal vibrant graphics hidden underneath. Reversible hydrochromic paints can add new colors, change the image or supplement it with a missing element. Once they dry out, all the mysterious images remain concealed by the opaque white.

Looking for a solution where certain graphic elements permanently disappear? Irreversible hydrochromic paint is the perfect solution. After contact with water, the top layer is washed away, revealing the information beneath. This product also comes in a dyeing variant, where the object permanently changes color after contact with water. There are also irreversible hydrochromic paints that are black before contact with water and after contact, they change to a selected color (most often red, yellow, or blue). Such paints are most often used for children’s coloring books, but a creative designer can find other interesting applications for them in interior decoration or in the scenography of events and escape rooms.

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At SPLinx, you’ll find a variety of types and colors of hydrochromic paints. This makes it easy for you to purchase a product that meets your expectations. However, that’s not all that’s in our range! We also offer our customers photochromic, fluorescent, and thermochromic paints. Have questions? Feel free to contact us! At SPLinx, we know everything about special paints and varnishes and are happy to share our knowledge. This ensures you’ll easily find the right product for your project.

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