Invisible fluo paints for industry

Invisible fluo paints (glowing under UV) are paints transparent in the daylight, which additional fluorescent colour is visible under UV light (in wavelengths from 365 nm to 280 nm).

After turning on the UV lamps (so-called „blacklight” lamps), the invisible fluo paints reveal a hidden world, oozing with richness of colours as well as their brightness and clarity. This way, it is possible to hide the content visible only after the blacklight lamps are on.

Paint which glow under UV come in many colours: from purple, through intensive red, orange, yellow, chartreuse, green, blue, and even white. Having this colour palette at our disposal, we can create really colourful images.

It is important to note that these paints are completely transparent or milky white in the ordinary light. They reveal a real blaze of colours only after turning on the UV lamp. On our Customer’s request, we adjust the intensity of glowing under UV light.

Paints glowing under UV are also used in the production process, they enable marking of products invisible to the end customer, which is helpful in production management and products’ sorting.

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