Reflective paints for construction

These are paints and varnishes, or their sets, which can reflect the light directed at them. In this variant, the reflective pigment (microbeads) is suspended in a coloured paint or a transparent varnish. This solution allows for a fairly simple application because it does not require spray painting or otherwise adding microbeads onto a wet paint layer. All that is needed is to just apply it on a desired surface.

When do reflective paints and varnishes perform best?

Such a solution has a great disadvantage, especially when applied in a coloured or white paint because some of the regular pigments cover the microbeads, disabling the light reflection.The best way to obtain the effective and sufficiently reflective layer is to first apply a white paint as a base , and then – a transparent paint containing reflective microbeads.

The use and methods of applications of reflective paints and varnishes

Reflective microbeads can be successfully mixed with coloured paints or special pearlescent, metallic and other special effect pigments in order to achieve spectacular effects which combine the reflective function of the beads with the decorative function, giving an unusual appearance to signs, symbols, inscriptions, stripes, and other elements.

Reflective paints can be used in many places for horizontal and vertical markings on roads, car parks, production halls and warehouses, barriers, traffic bollards, road signs, protective clothing, construction machinery, temporary fencing installations, etc.

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